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Amazing Peru

Peru is famous for its Incan ruins, jungle, mountains and, of course, Paddington Bear.

Steeped in rich culture and heritage, the country is a heady mixture of ancient indigenous Incan Empire of Machu Pichu and the Spanish Colonial influence.

The Andes range which runs throughout South America and towering at over 5,000 m offers spectacular views makes it a perfect destination for any tourist. To the east of the Andes 2/3 of the country is covered in lush jungle or rainforest and forms the Amazonian forest is teeming with wild and birdlife. 

We will be travelling through Lima, Puerto Maldonado (Rainforest), Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Aguas Calientes, Machu Pichu and many interesting sites during our travels through Peru during the month of February 2019.

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