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Visit to Lapnan - Land of the Nocte Tribe

I love visiting Aruanchal Pradesh for its ethnic diversiy.While on a visit to Khonsa , our friend's driver, who belongs to the Nocte tribe, invited us to his village.We lapped up this invitation. After all even today you are not allowed to just walk into many of this tribe's settlements in Tirap district of Arunachal Pradesh without prior permission.

As per the last census , there are around 33,000 Noctes settled around the Patkai range of Hills. Baptist missionaries have converted most of them to Christianity, mainly those living around Khonsa. 

Lapnam is one of the traditional villages of Nocte , even though many of the residents are Christian now, not much has changed in their lifestyle , at least till few years back when we paid our visit.

Here is the photo tour of that visit.

Nocte will always proudly say that till  35 years back they were headhunting. The trophies are displayed in the community centre which is also known as Murung.
Chief of very village is highly respected and he has the last word in all matters concerning the village and the community. Even the chief of tribe of the hunted heads is given respect by keeping a strand of hair on the skull.

Trunk of the tree is used to make major announcements

Village of Lapnan

House of the Chief of the tribe

These are used for obvious reasons

Glad I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of Nocte. Next on the agenda is to know more about the culture and traditions of the tribe..May be one day soon..

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