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Road to Pasighat

Whistling Teal
We started off early from Dibrugarh to our next destination - Pasighat.It was such a beautiful sight to see miles full of paddy fields and birds enjoying the morning Sun

Rufous Treepie

Cotton Teal

Open-billed Stork

Can you spot the Lineated Barbet on the tree?

Red Junglefowl

Lesser Adjutant

As always while crossing over to Arunachal Pradesh from Assam, you may require to cross the river on a ferry.In spite of having gone through this n number of times ,I always hold my breath while watching this

Ferry was chock a block with people and vehicles

 Brahmatputra seemed calm and serene
As soon as we approached the bank people were all set to jump out...This always reminds me of Bombay local trains as everyone seem to be in a hurry to go somewhere..:-)
Time for Mulla's driving skill test!!

And Bingo!!! Mulla passes the driving test with flying colours..:-)
We were on the road again.On the way spotted this striated grassbird "god only knows why" sitting on the wire, whereas there were ample tall grass down below.

Nearby spotted this male bronze-winged jacana trying his level best to woo the female

The female was royally ignoring him as it should be..:-P

In the distance , the hills of Along were beckoning ..but our destination was Pasighat. We reached Pasighat by late afternoon. Had a quick lunch at the only cozy restaurant of Pasighat. Met DFO Tasi Mize, who briefed us about the schedule for the next day. Sounded very exciting . Spent the night at the NEPC guest house, where we were booked by DFO for the next three days

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