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Rasamancha - Bishnupur,West Bengal

It was not a planned tip, as is with most of my side trips. But it was all its worth to visit these beautiful monuments. We were staying at Jairambati. It was a long pending wish of my elderly companions to visit the birth place of Ma Sharada. On the last day of our stay there, one devotee suggested us to to visit Bishnupur as it was just around 60kms away from Jairambati. We had a taxi with us so off we went to explore this little town which is famous for its terracotta temples and beautiful Balucheri sarees.

Bishnupur has a very rich cultural and architectural heritage. Most of the temples were built during the Malla Kings regime  notably during Veer Hambir and his successors Raja Raghunath Singha and Veer Singha's rule.

Though we visited nearly 15 monuments, what stood out among all the others was the monument of Rasamancha.

Built in the year 1600 AD,it stands on a raised square laterite plinth with a pyramidal superstructure.During the Malla regime all the idols from the neighboring temples brought in here during the Ras festival and displayed in the galleries for the public.

You can hire a local guide, who will tell you just about that much , much more of which can be found on google of course..:-). However, even if you know your facts, no harm in hiring a local guide for whom it is a livelihood..

So next time around do take a detour to explore some of the less know nooks and corners of West Bengal  and you will not be disappointed ...

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