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Notes from the North East - Wakro ( Day 3)

Woke up early morning ( its always 4.00 am morning while in the North east ) hoping to do some birding and spotted this pair of Wedge-tailed Pigeons waiting for the Sun to show up!

A little ahead, it was a cute sight to see a male Thick-billed Green-pigeon busy flying around to get the nest material while the female was busy making the foundation

Tired, he was taking rest in between his parental task

Yes, Parashuramkund is 15 kms from this milestone

Oriental Turtle Dove seem to be in deep thoughts

Bronzed Drongo

Ice-capped mountains gave a inviting look in the distance

Lot of central govt schemes does get allotted to the north eastern many of them really see the light of the day, is anybody's guess

Eastern Baya Weavers were busy making their nests across a small hamlet

Lesser Coucal

This spot is an amazing place for birding as well as butterfly watch!


Spent a while enjoying the winged beauties 

Finsch's Parakeet ( Psittacula finschii) Also known as Grey-headed Parakeet or Eastern Slaty -headed Parakeet
We had to visit Kamalang, and for that we had to take the permit, so we were back in town and spotted this toddler happily crossing the road !!

With our permission in hand we decided to give a short visit to the sanctuary and on the way spotted this domestic elephant enjoying its feed

Kamlang looked very inviting for sure

Tiny wild mushrooms were sprouting on this old elephant dung

Butterflies were busy mud puddling

Forgot your cap while on the trek? Never mind...Poksham came out with an instant solution ..Look around the forest for a large leaf of Colocasia and here you go..your  eco-friendly cap cools off your head literally...:-)

Marked the sanctuary for excellent butterfly watch for the future outing

It took lot of courage for me to stand on that rickety bridge

Both the boys wanted to pose too..

We did not venture too far as we were not having any forest watcher with us due to shortage of staff.This being a Elephant corridor we decided to backtrack

I decided to try out the eco-friendly cap..:-)

Winged beauties caught our eyes and time and we spent a lot of time soaking in their activities
Chestnut Angle

We decided to explore the road leading upto Deban..It was an awesome drive

We landed up at Bidyut's friend's house and asked him to cook a meal for us ..happily enjoyed the Maggi which he cooked with loads of masala and help from Mulla

This common kingfisher was waiting patiently for a prey

Spotted these boys with jugful of Roksy , a local ale

Look at their hands their hands and see what the other boy was hiding...Let them off with a stern warning and bit of a lecture...Not sure how effective it was!!

It was getting darker soon...and Mulla was anxious about the rising water in the streams as we were to cross couple of them

And he did it again ..successfully drove the vehicle to the shore

Back in Wakro, it was nice to meet the two students of ASSETSchool at Apne Library.They are the volunteers in running the library too. Felt a bit bad for making them wait for us for so long with Uncle Musa

Felt nice about gifting 100 books to the gifted children of Wakro and the lab kit by Savita
It was a tiring yet very fulfilling day...Look forward to spend more time with the students of the school

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