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Memories of Pasighat

As was instructed and discussed by Mr.Tashi Mize ,DFO , D'Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, who was invited to speak at a function organized by VHP, we were to accompany him to the function.It was the last day of nearly 10 days training program organized by VHP for the women around the villages in skill development as part of the livelihood program.  You can see those  dolls made by the trained women during the workshop.

We were introduced to the local representatives of VHP
We were welcomed by the local organizers 

Oh ya ..that says it was very very hot and humid that day

The function started with the beautiful  Donyi Polo prayer.As I had entrusted my camera with someone else, I could not record it then.However here is a link I found on You Tube of the same prayer

After the prayer, it was time for Mr.Tashi Mize to address the women about the imp. of conservation. He also stressed how they can influence menfolk from hunting the wild animals and birds.

After Mr.Mize's energetic speech , it was my turn to speak to the women and I was grateful for the opportunity given to share my advice and ideas with the women as to how they can be partners in the conservation efforts.

After the main event , few personal one to one personal interaction with the women gave me lot of insight into their lifestyle, their hopes, aspirations and most imp. their needs as women.

As a goodwill gesture, handed over a sleeping bag to the local co-coordinator of the program on behalf of IT Nature Club.

DFO had planned something more ahead. We had a long day ahead after the function in Borgoli.The next halt was to one of the villages on the fringe of the park - Sigar to talk and convince the relocated villagers to be partners in the conservation process using tourism as a tool.

The forest staff had built a watch tower near the entry point to the sanctuary. And it was time to officially " use " it . This watch tower will help the front line staff to keep watch on the poaching activities around the park..

There ....Mr.Tashi Mize gives a official stamp to the tower by climbing on it ... :-)

It was my turn now to prove that I can climb this very very tall n steep tower which I felt was very high indeed..And I did and felt Everest should be a cake walk for me now..:-)

Lovely view from the tower but the purpose of the tower was to keep a  check on the poachers!

Community of Sigar and the forest staff had arranged a feast in celebration of the opening of the tower.Leaves were laid and all of us set to enjoy the feast!

We also took this light moment to have a serious round of discussion with the forest department and Gaon Boodas ( Village Chiefs) as to how we can involve the community of Aadis of Sigar in conservation efforts.

Lovingly prepared mutton cooked with rice wrapped in Banana leaf smelled yummy yummy!!

On realizing that I dont eat mutton, the boys ran back to the village , quickly gathered stuff to make daal and yummy yummy tiny fish-fry for me.

They quickly prepared the yummiest stuff  for me ...I was really touched by their gesture.

And I happily devoured "merawala khana"

The place attracts huge flocks of migrants during winter

Its time for "Thanks Giving" when the "Gaaon Boodha" decided to adopt me as the "Daughter of Sigar ". I ,on my part assured that  we shall promote home stays there , which will help them earning some livelihood in future. Time frame being winter of net year.

Thanked each of them for their wonderful hospitality and it was time to leave Sigar.

It was a wonderful day well spent and I left the place with a promise to oneself ,to be among those wonderful people one more time ...soon .

Sun was soon setting off fast..yet these small pratincoles were pretty active around a stream ..

Meanwhile Mullah's Bolero crossed one more stream bravely on our way back to Pasighat.

We made a quick dash to Renging village on our way. Spoke to the village head, who was more than willing to host guests in future.  

The last photo of that day ...those endearing smiles ..:-) Missed Chinku a lot then ..hope she grows fast and can accompany me in all my adventures in the future..:-)

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