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Happy Entrepreneur Mother of Manipur

Happy warm hearted entrepreneur mother of Manipur at the famous Ima market.

We visited the famous Ima Market in Imphal during our recent visit to Manipur. There was so much warmth on this entrepreneur mother's face that I could not resist but request her to pose for me and she happily did.

Khwairamnand bazaar or the popular name Ima market or Nupi Keithel is world’s only all-women marketplace and one of Imphal’s main tourist attractions.important feature of the market is that 4000 odd shopkeepers here are women signifying women’s equality and independence. Not a single man is found selling anything here . ‘Ima’ means mother and Keithel means market in Manipuri. Irrespective of communities and religion, any woman can set up a store here. This market is truly a symbol of women empowerment and women’s leadership in the economic development of this tiny state.

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