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Final day in Wakro

On the final day of the tour, decided to meet the lady with magic tea.Basamlu, the lady in Pink is also famously known as the "Tea Lady" of Wakro.She not only cultivates organic tea but also motivated many local youth  including few drug addicts to go in for chemical free beverage farming.The tea made in her small mechanical factory has a distinct taste and believe me , even a hard core " Bambaiyya Cha i" drinker like me is now hooked on to it..

Her tea is processed manually and truly organic. 

After meeting the lady we decided to proceed towards Pasighat

Checked into a stay option on our way

The Nepali caretaker was charmingly beautiful

And this sweet lil girl was shy to face the camera

It was a long drive hence, reached Dibrugarh and decided to spend the night in my regular Hotel Devika.

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