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Bird Estimate in Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary - 1st Feb 2014 to 4th Feb 2014

Western Arunachal Pradesh is a biodiversity paradise. Covering an area of 218 sq. km, it is part of the Kameng Protected Area Complex, a 3,500 km2 of mostly contiguous forests.The Sanctuary got its name due to the Mountain Eagles, a regiment of the army that used this area in the 1950’s. The Bugun Liocichla (Liocichla bugunorum) was discovered here in 2006; and was the first new bird species to be described from India since Independence. Numerous other species have been discovered and rediscovered here, in some cases after as many as 125 years. Over the last decade over 525 species of birds, 180 species of butterflies, more than 500 species of moths, 33 species of reptiles, and 35 species of amphibians have been recorded here, testifying to the area’s biodiversity.

The Bugun Welfare Society has been the key organisation here ,in not only organising bird tours in an eco-friendly, economically viable and sustainable way, but also in fostering an ethic of conservation and awareness amongst local communities, community leaders and school students. To celebrate the awesome diversity of the park,the Bugun Welfare Society is planning to hold an “Eaglenest Birding Festival”.

The main aim of this festival is to: 

a. raise awareness about Eaglenest, especially its unique wildlife and global conservation value amongst a larger global audience, but especially amongst local communities living around Eaglenest. 

b. provide a common platform for participants to help advance biodiversity research and conservation in Eaglenest, and 

c. build capacity amongst resident people in sustainable and eco-friendly wildlife tourism, so that the tourism enterprise can be an entirely community-run initiative.

As part of the festival, Bugun Welfare Society,Bugun Welfare Society/Arunachal Pradesh Forest Department and IT Nature Club will coordinate a bird estimate between 1st Feb 2014 to 3rd Feb 2014 around Lama Camp.

Pl also note that for the duration of the bird festival, the Bugun Welfare Society will provide food and lodging at non-tourist rates for volunteers, to encourage the participation of dedicated naturalists and motivated photographers.

If you are interested to take part in this bird estimate and be part of citizen initiative towards conservation, do mail at or call +91 9845383882

Come and celebrate pure joy of birding in one of the best birding destinations of India.

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