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Bird Estimate around the protected area of Pakke Tiger Reserve - 8th February 2014 - 13th February 2014

IT Nature Club invites birdwatchers and theirfri ends for the second citizen participatory initiative in Pakke,-Arunachal Pradesh.An opportunity for the ordinary citizens who are also avid birders to take part in the scheduled bird estimate planned for the winter of 2013.

The first count was conducted inside the Pakke Tiger Reserve, wherein 25 participants estimated a total of 167 birds from around 4 different locations inside the park.

To check the status of habitat and protection of the avi fauna around the periphery of the park the scheduled bird estimate is planned between 8th February 2014 - 13th February 2014.This initiative is co-ordinated by Help Tourism, IT Nature Club and Ghora Aaabhe Society by involving the community living around the park.

The participation fee of Rs.9,500 per participant will be used for the conservation efforts in the park. This amount will be utilized by Ghora Aabhe Society for conducting regular livelihood programs for the community who are living on the fringes of the park to become partners in the conservation efforts.The amount is inclusive of picking up the participants from Guwahati and dropping off to Guwahati, fooding & lodging during the count and a cultural show by the Nyshis, the local community of the region.

Ghora Aabhe Society is a registered group of twelve village chiefs from around the park.Ghora Aabhe Society along with the forest department supports conservation efforts in and around the park.They enforce customary laws, institute penalties against hunting / logging and organize conservation awareness programs around Pakke Tiger Reserve. Representatives of the society also run the Pakke Jungle Camp - a community managed stay option in Seijosa under the guidance and support from Help Tourism.

Help Tourism is an award winning, reputed and pioneering rural tourism organization which has been regularly organizing capacity building and livelihood programs for the communities living around the protected areas in East & North East India such as Pakke Tiger Reserve.

You can request for Participation Form and more details by emailing us at OR calling us on +91 9845383882 

Join us with your birding friends for an amazing birding and trekking experience in the Eastern Himalayas.

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