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Grand Brazil Tour

One of Brazil’s most valuable assets is its dense covering of rainforests. To date,scientists have identified approximately 56000 species of plants (described), 1700 bird species, 695 amphibian species, 578 mammal species and 651 reptile species here.

With a total area of almost 195000 square kilometres (or 75000 square miles), the Pantanal is the largest wetland in the world.As such a vast tropical wetland, the Pantanal is a very precious resource of Brazil, home to an array of plant- and animal species. In fact, up to 12 sub-regional ecosystems have been identified within the Pantanal, each of which has its own unique identity and characteristics.

A plethora of animal species can be found in the Pantanal. There is estimated to be about 1000 bird species, 300 mammals and 9000 invertebrates, in addition to countless fascinating insects and other species. Some of the very rare and / or endangered animal species include: Marsh Deer ,Giant River Otter ,Hyacinth Macaw ,Crowned Solitary Eagle,Jaguar ,Maned Wolf ,Bush Dog ,Capybara ,South American Tapir, Giant Anteater ,Yacare Caiman etc

IT Nature Club will be organizing a wildlife trail to the region led by India's well known birder and naturalist Mr. Sujan Chatterjee from 26th July 2019 to 7th August 2019 Ex - Rio de Janeiro.

We will be travelling through the ruggedly beautiful region of Itatiaia National Park, the wildlife rich region of Pantanal, scenically rich Chapada dos Guimaraes region and other areas to enjoy the amazing bird and mammal life of Amazon.

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